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Healthy Diet Plan For The Hostel Students Or Working Professional

10 Healthy Diet Plan For Hostel Students Or Working Professional Living Away From Home

At 12 AM, surrounded with piles of books and assignments with an unfilled stomach, putting heads together with friends to figure out the easily available resources to munch. Isn’t this a common scenario in a hostel?

I lived in a hostel/PG for 6 years, and have experienced it almost every night for straight 4 years. Maggie, Instant Cup noodles, knoor soups packets, Biscuits and Chips were my best buddies and they had a permanent place in my cupboard; up till four years; when my distant relatives and friends  came to visit to me on my graduation and found out a  new version of me : heavier, tired with a swollen stomach.

I realized that my laziness and lack of awareness has taken a toll on my health. For next 1 year of my PG life, I worked vigorously on my fitness and diet.

Initially, it was difficult to maintain a diet and a fitness regime but hard word always pays off. Within a year, I was able to shed those extra tires around my stomach, got the glow back on my face. I felt more energetic, attentive and it increased my productivity at work.

If you have been facing the same issue, Don’t Worry, you are not alone. I will be sharing 10 best tips and healthy diet plan for hostel students to improve your diet without investing lot of time. Ready to get started?

But before we start, let’s see the common problems that a hostelite face on a daily basis:

Lack of energy and will power towards healthy lifestyle

Healthy diet plan for hostel students and weight loss for working proffesional

Back to back assignments and never-ending projects can exhaust anyone completely, as a result, we get so tired that anything that we don’t ponder and eat anything that comes easily on our plate. I know maintaing a healthy diet plan for hostel student is not an easy task Apart from that, let’s accept that we don’t usually eat when we are hungry. Most of the times, we eat to cope up with our stress, cravings, loneliness, sadness, and boredom. It’s important to identify the difference between stomach hunger and brain hunger.

A recent study conducted at New York University School of Medicine states that students preferred overeating, or emotional eating, over any other options like meditation,exercising when it comes to de-stressing. 
And women excessively eat more than men. Eating excessively seemingly helps women to escape from their problems at hand

Diet plat for hostel students and working professional

Skipping Breakfast or not having it properly

We heard it many times that breakfast should be eaten like a king, but unfortunately, it is hardly followed. Most of the youngster skip the breakfast for their early morning class or for those 20 min extra sleep. Due to the intact work commitment, having a proper diet sounds like a dream. Continue to read further to know the ways and effective diet planfor hostel students.

Do you know Why Breakfast is most important part of your meal?

Break-Fast is Breaking the Fast.  Imagine your body as a car. To run a car, you need to add the fuel for its smooth running. At morning, your body has already consumed the energy from the food that you ate in your last dinner. Hence, glucose in the blood drops and that makes you feel weak and sluggish.

By the time you get time to eat, your body is already shouting for food. Brain, which by now is completely exhausted reduces its capability to make a right decision. Since you are hungry, you will grab anything that are easily available; sugary, fat laden, deep fried which leads to weight gain.

Lack of protein intake

 Protein is building blocks of our body. No, I am not going to start revising the science lecture from school but Isn’t it true? Unfortunately, we do not appreciate the importance of protein. Do you know, protein plays an important role in weight loss? Protein digest slowly hence it keeps you stomach full and save you from over eating.

Moreover, there are two types of weight loss: muscle loss and fat loss. If your protein intake is low, your body will start losing muscle rather than fat which is not good in long run. It will reduce the metabolism and thus increases the weight.

Overall, your diet should be high in protein, low in fat with moderate carbohydrates. If you are vegetarian, include skimmed milk, skimmed curds, dals and whey protein supplements to increase protein intake.

Lack of intake of milk and curd

Consider our body as a building. A building cannot stand without a proper foundation. Similarly, you cannot make your bones strong overnight. For healthy bones you need to consume adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D.

Few months back, we took a poll for ladies aging 30 and above. We asked them a common question, what changes did they encounter after they joined 30 club? 80% of ladies had an intermittent to chronic pain in knee esp post their pregnancy

Unfortunately, in hostel neither do we get adequate amount of milk nor the quality is up to that level. We try to substitute the milk with other food and compromise with our daily intake of calcium.

Lack of fitness regime

This section doesn’t need any introduction. We all know how important is to indulge in any one of the activity and yet we hardly pay any attention to it. Keep reading further to know how we can indulge in different physical activity.

Making a wrong choices of food in selecting your mess meals

Runny dal, bland veggies and dry rotis.  Hostel food is rarely something you want to enjoy.  However, making right choices from the meal provided, you can not only sustain with the food but also can make most of it.

10 ways to lose weight while staying in hostel

Commit yourself

A good health is a gift that you give it to yourself. You have to be determined and passionate about your health. Take it as a part of your routine. You don’t have to punish yourself but you need to enjoy it. Motivate yourself. Always remind yourself, how you want to look when you graduate and enter the corporate world.

Stock your room with healthy food options

If you want to be healthy, you need to shop smartly. You can stock your room with seasonal fruits, cucumber, tomato, onion,carrot. Don’t forget to buy Sprout dal, cheese, cottage cheese, cereals, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, peanut butter as they can come for rescue in case of emergency. Always opt for Seasonal Fruits as they are rich in vitamin and Fiber and helps in detoxification.

Find out the Effective and Healthy 7 days Detox Diet Plan for a weigh loss

Get in love with any form of exercise

All work no play make a jack a dull boy.  I remember, when I was put up in hostel, after my exam I always had a habit of going for a long walk. It not only released my tiredness but always gave me the clarity to plan the rest of my day.

It’s understandable that you are overburden with college, assignment, projects and exams but exercise should be an unavoidable, irrevocable part of your life. You can choose any form of the exercise like walk, running, aerobics, dance, zumba, yoga or can join gym. You can even do different activity on different day to break the monotony.

Find Out the benefits of Yoga and the reason why Yoga should be part of your physical Regime.

Before you go for a run or any exercise, consume a banana or apple. The muscles require carbohydrate during exercise. Banana or an apple could be a good pre-exercise meal.

Post running you should consume a source of protein such as a whey protein supplement or egg

 Never ever skip breakfast

 Always plan your day before you sleep so that you never skip breakfast. If you get breakfast in hostel, make most of it. Choose your food wisely. Make sure that your breakfast should have protein, carbohydrate and fats.  You should consume 300 to 350 calories in your breakfast.  You can take eat any of the options like Milk ,Boiled egg/Bread Omelette,Stuffed paratha in less oil , Poha, Vermicelli, Sprouts

Bread and peanut butter is another healthy alternative that one can choose over junk food or oily canteen food.

If you don’t get breakfast at your hostel, you do not have to worry, pre plan your breakfast in advance.

Here is the effective diet plan for hostel student or working professional that you can eat on your busy morning:

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm lemon water. You can have any fruit (banana or apple) and 4 Almonds after 10 min of having lemon water.

If you eat egg, put your egg in boiler before going for shower. This way your breakfast will be ready even before you step out of your Washroom. 

Other options that can be made in 10 min are Veg sandwich, sprouts with lots of vegetable and few drops of lemon, cornflakes with milk and nuts, paneer and vegetable sandwich.

Last but never the least, never skip a glass of milk. There are different types of boiler available. You can always keep one at room and can use it in boiling egg, milk, water.

 Choose healthy alternative for snacks

The biggest challenge that I faced that during my hostel days was to curb my hunger during evening after the college was over. It is difficult to prepare anything when we are tired.

Best option is to grab any seasonal fruits, handful of dry fruits, roasted Channa, Bread with peanut butter. Go easy on the Tea and Coffee and see if you can switch from Tea or Coffee to milk or a cup of yoghurt.

Keep track of what you are eating and try to work out a portion size that works for you. If you are conscious of how much you eat, you will never overeat.


If you still think you are not getting enough nutrition, then don’t hesitate to supplement it with some multi-vitamins to stay healthy and illness free. Always consider a doctor before consuming any supplement.

Drink 3L of water everyday

10 ways and a perfect diet plan for hostel student to lose weight

Water is a powerful appetite control element and you can really combat your hunger pangs in an effective way by having water whenever you feel hungry. Do you know that you can beat false hunger pangs by having a glass of water? Try it out and let me know. Water will not only help you in losing weight, it will also help you in getting that clear and flawless skin.

 Avoid Tea or Coffee

Are you the one who needs to a hot cup of tea to start your day?  In a 2013 study from the Journal of Toxicology, researchers tested 30 teas and found that all had high amounts of lead—which can cause heart, kidney and reproductive problems. Additionally, when we add sugar, it increases  the calories.

The healthy alternative is to have a glass of hot milk over a cup of coffee or tea. You can also substitute it with curd. What many of us have not realized that you can make curd at your room and it hardly takes more than 5 min. All you need to do is boil the milk and cool it at room temperature.  Add one spoon of curd in warm milk and leave it overnight.  Your curd is ready to eat in the morning. You can add cucumber , onion black pepper, salt and your health snack is ready.  

 Treat yourself once a week

 As I said earlier, you do not have to be harsh on yourself. Treating yourself during a diet can help you stay motivated. Create a small goal for yourself, and treat yourself when you achieve the goal.

The reasons why it is important to treat yourself during diets is because failing to do so can actually result in food binges. You will end up eating more calories than you would have if you had simply eaten the food you had been craving . Therefore, treating yourself when you experience a craving for a particular food may actually be an effective way to help you stay on your diet.

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