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10 Incredible Benefits Of Yoga For a Healthy Living

Learn the benefits of Yoga and the reason why the Yoga should be part of your physical regime

Watching my mother and grandmother, I always wondered when I will reach their age will I be physically fit enough to take care of the entire course. I am sure that many of you must have the same question in mind.

Life has become a race and unintentionally, we all have become part of it. Running behind the basic needs, we tend to overlook our health. Stressful life, adulterated food, pollution and lack of exercises have made our body aged faster. If you can relate even a part of it, don’t worry you are not alone.

We can’t avoid the stress that comes when boss want the project to be delivered on time or the chemically ripen fruit available in the market but with regular practice of yoga, one can learn how to control the stress and how to get rid of toxins from the body. Read further to know the importance of yoga.

10 Amazing Benefit  of Yoga for a Healthy Living

Say goodbye to those stubborn fat with Yoga

benefit of yoga. weight loss

How many times did you regret losing your favorite gown to someone else for a special day because we couldn’t fit into it? I can phantom as it has happened with most of us. Yoga is a complete body workout with both static and dynamic stretches. With regular practice, you can get rid of the extra pounds in a couple of months.

Yoga helps to detoxify the body.

 Let’s first try to understand what is detoxification? Our body is constantly subjected to toxins coming from polluted air, water, adulterated food and our frequent visit to Fast food chains for the burger, pizza.

Detoxification is a process of removing these toxins from our body by bringing some changes in lifestyle and by performing kriyas and Mudras.

Our body is in the process of detoxification at any time. The major organs of the excretory system are the lungs, kidney, liver, skin and small intestine. They are designed to excrete the toxins from our body in the form of urine, defecate and sweat. However, sometimes when the toxins are too high, these organs losses its efficiency and hence the process of detoxification slows down and that leads to various health problems.

Yoga asanas work on our different system of the body. It improves blood circulation: supply the fresh air to different parts of the body. It improves digestion and hence wastes is regularly and efficiently exposed

Reduce your stress with yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Let’s consider a situation:

You have put a big amount of bucks on a company shares that shrunk completely. It’s the starting of the month, with almost no income in hand and tons of bills to pay. I know the thought itself raises our heartbeat and good enough to give us a sleepless night. That’s how the stress feels.

Our life is constantly on the radar of chronic stress. We can’t avoid them completely but through yoga, one can learn the art of controlling our mind to deal with the stress.

When our body is stressed, the pituitary gland along with adrenal gland starts producing the hormone called as Cortisol. Remember, when we are stressed out, how we lose our appetite. Cortisol hormone increases our blood pressure and start taking out glucose from tissues and put it into the bloodstream and this kills our appetite.

Through yoga, one can learn to control the emotions that lead to stress. Eventually, it will improve the quality of sleep. I will be writing a blog on how yoga can be helpful in controlling stress.

A workout that you can enjoy without hurting your bones.


benefits og yoga.

Many of us confuse the bones as solid, lifeless hard structure. However, who would think that this hard solid structure is constantly subjected to break and rebuild process. As we start aging, our body starts breaking down our bones and renew it. When the process of renovation is slower than the breakdown, various bone-related problems like osteoporosis occurs.  

The renovation of the bones depends on three factors :vitamin D,hormones,exercises.

These three factors define how well the calcium in the bone will be utilized in creating a new bone to avoid reduction of bone mass or density.

Bones get stronger with yoga. Research shows that post menopause “women who exercise have more bone density than the one who does not exercise at all. There is no age to start yoga. Yoga can be done by any age group. So if you are 60 and think that you are too old for yoga then it’s a time to rethink about it.

 Increase your muscle weight at home without using any weights.

There is a common myth that since in yoga we do not use weights hence it doesn’t increase muscles weight. In yoga, instead of external weights, we use our body weight and hence it increases the muscle in the body. The use of our own body weight in yoga helps to reduce the fat, avoid any stress on bones and muscles. More muscles in the body will lead to higher metabolism and hence will result in rapid weight loss.

Cure serious ailment with regular practice of yoga.

Research and testimonies of various practitioners have proved the benefits of yoga in various severe health problems. Most of us have confused yoga with exercises. In patanjali yog Sutra, Asthang yoga is defined to be more than the asana. All the serious diseases are the result of bad lifestyle and toxins in our body. Yoga helps in fighting with these diseases by bringing changes in us. There are eight limbs in asthang yoga. Any individual who want to live the life disease free needs to embrace these stages.

The first two stages are Yama(behavior) and Niyams where it defines the right way of living. It starts with removing the negative thoughts and action from the mind and indulging in personal hygiene, self-discipline, contentment and honoring the divine.

After achieving the first two stages, the third stage is Asanas. When Asanas are performed along with the first two stages, our body is detoxified and mind is filled with positivity. There are various types of asanas that focus on different part of the body. For example, asana like tadasana stretches the entire spine and loosen it up hence it helps in opening the spine nerves emerging from the spinal column and improving the postures.

Learn the art of breathing.

Breathing is the vital part of our life, yet we don’t appreciate it completely. Whenever we have a guest in our house, we take them to tour our house and when they leave, we see off them at our door. That’s how the process of breathing needs to be treated. Breathing is more than just an inhale and exhale. It involves both respiratory as well as nervous system. Our breathing is controlled by emotions. Imagine when we are stressed, how our breathing goes high and when we are in the calm state our breathing goes slow. In yoga, pranayam is a practice of slowing, extending and observing your breath, prepares the mind for meditation.  

Increase the flexibility and strength of the body

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga needs no introduction when it comes to flexibility. There are various poses of yoga that increase the flexibility of various parts of the body. The diligent practices of such poses will give your forever flexibility that you always craved for and will make you look younger than your age.

Increases the concentration and memory

How many times did it happen that we try to recollect the name of the person whom we met last evening or we forgot to call a person on a given date and time? We have become dependent on smartphones for reminders and appointment. Blame it on stress or aging, it has taken a toll on our memory and concentration. In yoga, with regular practice of meditation, pranayam and focusing the effect of asana on our body concentration and stability of mind increases and thus our memory improves with time.

Increases immunity

As discussed earlier, yoga calms our mind, control the stress and helps in detoxification. As and when mind and body coordination improves, immunity increases and that lead to a healthy life.

So what are you waiting for? Take a yoga mat and commit yourself for a new beginning with a healthy lifestyle.

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