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Detox Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Detox: When? Why? How?     

Get to know the science behind the detox and get a detox diet plan for weight loss.

Wedding season is On; an innocent excuse for back to back late night parties, exotic mouth-watering food, drinks and here we are; bloated, sleep deprived, swollen face and lost. Welcome to the world of toxins.

How do we crave for a rest or a holiday after a hectic back to back schedule? That’s what our body demands after repetitively subjecting it to toxins:  REST

The bloating, water retention, swollen faces are the ways of the body to tell you “Boss, I am overloaded and I need a Rest”



detox diet plan for weight loss

Imagine if you stock your car with bad quality of fuel, will it work? It might work, but over the time, it will break down. Our body works in the same way.

Now it’s up to you if you want to enjoy the ride or want a frequent visit to the mechanic which in our case is a Doctor.

Our modern healthcare esp Allopathy concentrate on treating or eliminating the symptoms instead of treating the root cause of the problem. The symptoms can either be controlled or temporarily withdrawn by the treatment.

However, once the treatment is stopped, this symptom comes back again but this time it is ferocious and more powerful.

Detoxification eliminates the cause of symptoms by fasting and having a diet of fruits and vegetables for a fixed number of days.

As per Dr. Robert Morse,” In thirty years of clinical work, I have never seen a condition that could not tremendously improve or in most cases completely disappear with these methods of regeneration and detoxification. I have seen bones and back straighten and strengthen themselves from old fractures, curvatures. I have also seen complete spinal cord  reconnect after more than 10 yrs”

Let’s understand the science behind the detox 

detox diet plan for weight loss

As per Ayurveda, We humans have the privilege to choose our food but we tend to choose the food that is not harmonious with our species. Moreover, we alter the chemistry by processing and cooking. Many of these food forms mucous in the body.

All these mucous forming substances will slow down the elimination of the toxins. This blocks proper cellular respiration and eventually, the cell loses its ability to function.

Our body is always in the process of detox. Sometimes when the toxins are too high, the process of cleaning your toxins and mucous can create symptoms such as cold, fever, headache, tiredness which is often confused as disease and we start treating these symptoms.

The purpose of detoxification is to give a body rest so that the excretory organs can efficiently remove the toxins and let you discover a new, healthy version of yourself.

Are you ignoring these 10 signs that you need to detox?

The timing of your detox is highly important. You do not want to plan your detox when you have a rough week in your college or in your office. Its always the best idea to find a reason that helps you to get motivated during the process of detox like you have a wedding to attend  and you do not want to be a part of that wedding with a dull and bloated face or you have been on weight loss program however you are unable to reduce your weight. Detox comes to your rescue.

Here are the top 10 reason that you need a detox:

  • You feel tired even after 8 hours of sleep.
  • Unable to lose weight.
  •  Acne, itchy skin
  • Irritated and sluggish all the time
  • Increased belly and bloated.
  • Insomnia
  • Too much Craving for either sweet or junk food
  • Mild pain in abdomen or gas
  • Mood swings
  • If you are frequently catching up cold or flu.

If you have any of four from the above symptoms then its time for a detox.


The best season to plan your detox is during spring or Autumn as it prepares the body for Summer and winter respectively.

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Precautions when taking a detox diet plan for weight loss

If you are planning to perform a detox diet plan for weight loss, here are some heads up that needs to be considered:

  • If you are suffering from  a disease like diabetes consult your doctor before starting the detox diet plan for weight loss.
  • Avoid detox during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
  • Avoid detox during menstruation.
  • During the course of detox, do not indulge in hard physical exercises.
  • Try to stay away from stress during detox.

Time your detox when you have less workload at an office or maybe after exam if you are a student.

  • It’s common to experience few symptoms like cold, flu, tired or maybe a heartburn. Do not stop this natural process. This is the only true way to increase the function of your cells and to start your body on the path to regeneration.

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Detox Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

Firstly, before you plan a detox, prepare your body for the detox.  So one week before taking the detox diet plan for weight loss, eliminate alcohol, coffee, tea, refined sugar and junk food. These causes toxins that hamper your healing process. You can plan the detox for 7 to 15 days. For best result continue it for 20 days.

Below is the 15 days basic detox diet plan for weight loss.You can modify the fruit as per your convenience and availability of fruit.

Day 1 – Day 4

The first three days of detox will be on fruits and juice only.

Start your day with lemon in a lukewarm water.

Grab an apple and 4 almonds and go for a walk. Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature. Do some breathing exercises sitting in hand mudra. Imagine that you are exhaling all the negativity from your mind, body, and soul.


Drink a glass of green smoothie made with  Bottle Gourd (lauki)/Cucumber ,Mint/ Coriander leaves, ginger/Garlic and Lemon / Gooseberry(Amla).

You can choose any available combination of seasonal fruit for your breakfast.

Make sure that you do not mix melon fruits like watermelon, papaya, muskmelon with any other fruit. Melon fruit should be eaten alone.

Midday snack:

Green tea + Coconut water


You can eat anyone from the given options:

  1. Salads
  2.  Melon
  3. Combination of fruits


Take 2 figs, 4 almonds, 4 raisins and 2 walnuts.

After an hour drink a glass of vegetable juice


  1. Large salad
  2. Combination of fruit
  3. Melon

Make sure that you keep sipping water throughout the day so that your body is well hydrated.

Day 5- Day 10


  • Soak fenugreek seed in water overnight. Drink water and eat the fenugreek seed in the morning
  • Drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water.
  • Repeat the day 1 to day 5 activity. Grab an apple and 4 almonds and go for a walk. Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature. Do some breathing exercises along with the mild yoga


Drink a glass of vegetable juice.

After an hour, eat oats porridge without milk and with lots of vegetables.

Midday snack:

Green tea + Coconut water and orange or anyone fruit except melons.


  • Salads and Stir fry vegetables


Take 2 figs, 4 almonds, 4 raisins and 2 walnuts.

After an hour drink a glass of vegetable juice


Vegetable Soup / Stir fry vegetables/ Fruits

Day 10 to Day 15

Now that we are coming to an end of our detox plan, we will slowly introduce other pulses and dairy items

Everything will remain same except some changes in our meals.

Day 10 to Day 13


Same as previous days


Yellow lentil pancake (moong dal Cheela) without oil and Salad.


Stir fry vegetables/ moong dal soup with salad

Day 13 to day 15


Oats porridge with milk and dry fruits


Moong dal khichdi/ moong dal cheela , Salad and buttermilk


Moong dal soup with salad/ Stir fry vegetables

Finally, after 15 days of detox, you will feel energetic, healthy,  and younger.


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