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home remedies for baby cough and Cold.home remedies for cold and cough for babies

Treat your infant with Home Remedies For Baby Cough And Cold

Home Remedies for baby Cough and cold

Being a mommy is a daunting task. From struggling to cope up with the post-pregnancy tiredness and weakness to trying to keep your baby happy and healthy, motherhood takes a woman to roller coaster ride.

It takes times for your kids immune to build up, thus making them susceptible to viral infection. As per the study, your child is believed to get 8 colds within their first birthday. But no matter how hard we try, saving your infant from cold and flu is inevitable. 

Cold and flu are the viral infections and hence it is best to be treated naturally. Most of the mother is unable to see her child suffering and end up giving them the over the counter medicine.

My daughter got her first cold within the first week after she was born. As a new mother, tiredness and lack of sleep exhausted me to an extent that it took a toll on my thinking ability.

I started giving her the medicine prescribed by her pediatric. They worked for a while but the cold always reoccurred.

It took me months to realize that I am doing more harm than good and that was when I moved towards naturopathy. After I started using natural home remedies for baby cough and cold, not only my daughter cold got off but the frequency of reoccurrence also got reduced.

I will be sharing those grandmother home remedies for baby cough and cold that have been used since the ages however now somewhere getting lost due to our busy lives and easily accessible medicines.

Points to consider when your infant is suffering from Cold and Cough

  • Try one remedy at a time to check if your baby is allergic to particular ingredients
  • Your baby can be cranky and might cry when suffering from cold. Remember it is OK for them to cry. Stay calm and do not get panic. Hold your child on your chest and pat his back slowly.
  • Never neglect cold or a cough, this could lead to more serious problems like pneumonia
  • Consult the doctor if the mucus discharge is green in color or if your infant has a high fever

Always trust your instinct. Observe your child. Check which remedies work for your child and keep a note of it. So that next time when your child suffers from a cough or cold, you can use these home remedies for baby cough And Cold at an early stage

8 Amazing Home Remedies For Baby Cough And Cold

Create a steamy room

Switch on the steam inhaler. Once it comes to boil, take your baby in your arm and cover yourself in a blanket. Make sure that you don’t give steam therapy for a long time.

If the steam inhaler is not available, you can also use hot water bucket. Place the bucket beside your bed. Take your baby in your arm and cover yourself using a blanket.

This is the most effective remedy that worked really well for babies as well as adults..

How does it work?

When suffering from cold and cough, the blood vessel of sinuses gets swollen. While taking steam,warm, moist vapor gets into the nose, it eases the swollen and irritation of the blood vessel. It also thins the mucus in the sinuses which allows them to empty more easily.

A study indicated that children suffering from certain respiratory disorder showed a significant improvement with steam therapy.


  • Avoid giving the steam if your child is suffering from fever.
  • Don’t leave your baby unattended while giving steam

Massage your baby with Mustard oil infused with garlic and carom seeds

home remedies for baby cough and Cold.home remedies for cold and cough for babies

Heat the mustard oil in a low flame. Add garlic and carom seeds and let it heat for some time. Make sure that the garlic doesn’t burn.  Switch off the flame and let it cool.

When the oil is lukewarm, massage the oil on the baby’s chest, back and feet. Wipe away extra oil using a muslin cloth

How does it work?

The benefit of mustard oil needs no introduction. The antimicrobial property of mustard oil helps in fighting various pathogenic organisms.

It is effective in breaking the mucous and relieves congestion. As per Ayurveda, garlic and carom seeds generate heat in the body that helps in curing cough.


  • Check the temperature of oil before applying it on the baby
  • Test a small batch of oil on one part of body to rule out any possibility of allergy.

Hydrate your baby well

Nothing works better than a mother’s milk. Various studies testify that babies who are breast feed for 2 years has fewer chances of falling sick.

If your baby is suffering from cold, breastfeed your child more frequently holding his or her head slightly elevated.

How does it Work?

There are many antibodies that are abundantly found in breast milk including immunoglobulin A (IgA), immunoglobulin D (IgD), immunoglobulin E (IgE), IgG, and immunoglobulin M (IgM).  These antibodies are called as passive antibodies as they are obtained from mother’s milk.

Out of all the antibodies, IgG constitutes 70% to 85% of the entire antibody in the body. IgG helps in fighting against viral and bacterial infection.
Whereas IgA protects the body from the disease caused by the foreign organism and substance

Adequate Sleep

Needless to say, when your child is suffering from cold, they need proper rest to recover.  Ideally, baby needs 18hrs of sleep while toddlers and kids needs 8 hrs of sleep. If possible, let your baby sleep on your chest. It will calm your baby and also keeps the baby elevated that will help him / her to breathe better

Apply mustard oil in nails and feet

Home Remedies for baby cough and cold

This is another remedy shared by my grandmother that works miraculously for cold and cough. Warm 2 spoon of mustard oil. Massage the oil on nails of feet and cover it with socks. This practice can be practiced as precautionary measure throughout the winter season as it keeps the body warm.

Use Garlic and Ajwain( Carom seeds) as Heating pad or as an inhaler

I am sure most of mothers must have had ajwain(carom seeds) water post their pregnancy. The heating properties of Carom seed and garlic make an excellent inhaler.

All you need to do is, dry roast the ajwain seeds and garlic in a pan until you smell the methonal like aroma. Transfer the content in a muslin cloth and tie it securely in a bundle.

You can either put the bundle on baby’s chest, it will work as a heating pad and will help in curing the congestion or can place it beside baby while sleeping. It acts as an inhaler made from natural and easily available ingredients.


Check the temperature of the bundle before applying it on the chest.

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  1. This is so amazingly useful. Intried the ajqain potli and steam and it worked wonders. Thank you so mich for compiling it at one place.

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